Pure Artisanal Raw Honey

Small scale bee-friendly beekeeper

Premium Raw Honey made in Finland

We believe that the highest quality food is produced at an artisanal scale. Because we keep bees on a small scale, we can afford to not make any compromises in the process of producing our honey.

Our uncompromising focus on quality starts at the way we treat our bees, to how we handle the honey they produce, all the way to the packaging and customer service. Luonnon Kulta means “Nature’s Gold” in Finnish, and that is exactly what we pack into our jars!

We treat our bees with respect, housing them in hives built from wood and we handle them with care when working with the hives. Our bees get to build new wax comb every year. Honey from freshly built wax comb is of the best quality! By not recycling old frames in the honey boxes, we not only assure a premium quality product, but we also naturally reduce disease pressure in the bee hives, so we have healthier bees.

Our honey is pure, unadulterated, just the way the bees made it. We do not heat our honey in the process of extracting and packaging it. Therefore, the honey we sell, like all wildflower honey that has not been heat treated, naturally crystallises.

Artisanal, local, wildflower honey has natural variation that gives it characteristic colour and flavour from season to season, a bit like terroir in wine. Check out our selection of different honeys!

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