What our customers say

Now it is time for praise.

I have not been able to eat honey for years. In recent years I have tested all possible local, organic honeys and from small producers, as well as foreign offerings, with great hopes. And with the worst results. Honey has always caused me to feel ill, with aching bones, etc. So I seriously had bad symptoms from honey.

Now from January REKO I ordered a couple of jars of honey for my husband from you. – And, of course, once again I tasted the honey out of interest.

The surprise was great when I did not suddenly get any symptoms from your honey. On the contrary, it made me feel really good.
You must be doing something right! Awesome, spectacular!

I am so grateful that I have found such a gold treasure.

I really have the highest quality requirements due to my health situation.

From coffee to carrots only the best quality is suitable. It’s not about elitism but about the body telling you immediately if the product is not good enough.

My personal quality-radar gives you the full score for your products ?

I originally fell ill because of bad mold exposure (resulting in eg. pulmonary disease and a couple of of auto-immune diseases), so I wonder if one reason your product is perhaps suitable because of the use of fresh wax comb (less microbes?).

Indeed, I have long thought that simply just one ingredient in honey, which I can not take (a lot of other food sensitivities).

However, the honey itself seems to me quite suitable, as long as the frames are proper ?

Anyway, THANKS 

[Translated from this original Facebook post in Finnish]